The Polar Conservation Organisation is a registered non profit organisation that is entirely dependent on public donations (online and at events), annual memberships and corporate sponsorships to cover its annual costs as well as the costs associated with its projects and activities. Especially in these economic times funds are in short supply.

PCO is grateful for any and all support received.

Why support a good cause?

Because it's good business too...

It is well known that there are business benefits for any company and organisation seen to be associated with a good cause.


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Industry specific supporters:

PCO has extensive experience travelling in the Polar Regions (both Arctic and Antarctic),  and can thus be a valuable working member of your staff while at the same time gathering important material and content to help us in our work.

  • Equipment and vehicles handling experience (Skidoo, Zodiacs, Caterpillar Earth moving equipment etc)
  • Lecture / presentation experience on a variety of topics
  • Scientific know how, the PCO could carry out / assist in carrying out scientific measurements throughout the voyage

The PCO has extensive experience speaking, lecturing and presenting on a variety of topics at a wide range of events, we would also appreciate exposure at your events. Hence why not sponsor the PCO to attend your events, we will cover and write about them before, during and after the event providing exposure, on our website and any suitable other publications. We would also appreciate you offering to distribute our materials (e.g. education leaflets, membership forms etc) to attendees at your events.

The PCO is always looking for good quality information and content for the Polar Library. If you are an educational institution, a research organisation, a teacher or a scientist, please consider sending us your material for our website and other publications.

What’s in it for you ?

By partnering with the PCO, your organisation will gain more than simply a marketing goodwill factor and exposure, both online and in print. Your organisation will be able to make a meaningful contribution in furthering outreach and communication programs and readying the company itself for a more environmentally conscious future. Thus making your organisation more competitive in the future. Why the PCO and not a pure climate change organisation? Climate Change is a vitally important aspect where the PCO is involved in. However, the Polar Regions are much more than simply melting ice, there are sovereignty, social and economic issues that are just as important if the Polar Regions are to be conserved. These political, social and historic aspects make the solutions more complex, but, at the same time, will raise the media’s attention toward the Polar Regions and in doing so that of the PCO and its partners.

The PCO is pragmatic and orientated toward implementable and maintainable solutions. The PCO realises that socio-economic and political change does not happen overnight, it advocates the fact that economic and social solutions are essential if an environmental plan is to work. The PCO is particularly keen to find organisations and companies interested in working together. Does your company have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) partner? Perhaps you should consider the PCO… Besides the marketing aspects, it will also be a great motivator for your employees and customers to participate.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program ?

There are several ways in which you can support and sponsor the PCO from simple donations, sponsorship and advertising on our website to more meaningful cooperation (e.g. CSR Partnership). Because no two organisations are identical we prefer to sit down with you and work out a partnership that is mutually beneficial short and long term. General Sponsorship Types

The PCO is open to creating a bespoke set of benefits or cooperation activities, however as a sponsor the following items are generally available:

  • Exposure on the PCO website. Banners, skyscraper and other advertising and other promotional options exist across the entire site. Additional exposure on other PCO pages, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Detailed company presentation in the sponsor section of the website.
  • Exposure and presence at PCO events. This includes banners, and other marketing materials and product placements at events. Sponsors will be mentioned and their logos appear on programs, and other event publications.
  • Exposure on all PCO publicity and marketing materials. PCO will publish articles of its own as well as in other more established media publications. Mention of sponsors will be made in all publications.
  • PCO is willing to speak / present at your client, employee or other events or participate in other marketing activities (e.g. place a PCO display in your demo room). • Press release on paper and online detailing the sponsorship, including a letter of thanks.
  • Access to the PCO stock photo library. PCO has several thousand images taken in the Polar Regions.
  • Custom CSR program, including creation of activities that could involve employees, clients etc.