PCO has and continues to work with companies and organisation as part of its efforts to raise awareness. Cooperating with companies offers a win win for both the PCO and the company or organisation involved, in that via the company is a outreach and communication channel for PCO, the company also gets advice on how to be more environmentally responsible, its employees, partners and clients can also be involved in activities or actions (e.g. employee events or incentives). These services and activities can be arranged as part of a longer term CSR sponsorship / partnership or on a one off basis.

For more information about how we can assist you, please contact us directly.


What People Say…

We are extremely grateful to the PCO for assisting the Belgian BBQ competition become the first CO2 neutral BBQ competition in Belgium. With the PCO’s assistance money was collected to offset the CO2 impact of the event. Besides that PCO’s presence at the event helped raise awareness and their cooperation with us certainly raised the perception of the thousands of visitors the event attracted.” – Peter Vandeurzen (Belgian BBQ Competition).

We invited the PCO to present at an informal company event. The event was a great success, the unique topic combined with the passion and enthusiasm with which the presentation was made made a great impression on our guests.” - Felix Ejeckam (Group 4 Labs).

Jaga sponsored the PCO’s presence at the COP 15 climate change conference in Copenhagen. The event was also used to raise awareness among employees and business partners. A win win for everyone.” - Jan Kriekels (Jaga Group)