PCO believes that conservation can not happen without sustainability for the environment and peoples of the Polar Regions. The PCO has developed a plan to create a socio-environmental and economically self sustaining model for the Arctic. The PCO is currently in the initial assessment phase of this project and is urgently seeking local (Polar Authorities) as well as corporate / Foundation support to fund this ambitious project.

Overview of the Project

Establish a self sufficient and sustaining economic model that will educate, employ improve the quality of life of the Arctic Peoples and in doing so ensure a more sustainable future for the region.


Plan development and Assessment

PCO is currently in the planning and assessment phase of this project. This includes the development of not only the strategy, operations, risk assessment etc but also a business plan with accompanying financial model.



Feasibility Study

Once the plan has been sufficiently developed and assessed the PCO intends to conduct a Feasibility Study to test the plan, investigate the risks in detail and gather the necessary support while building a business and political ecosystem for the project.

This phase can not commence without sponsorship. 


Initial Trial (Proof of Concept)

Once the feasibility study has been completed and sufficient initial funds have been raised the PCO intends to launch a live the project in a limited / local / regional way, this will not only prove the viability of the project, provide important lessons, but also prove as the reference for future rollouts and expansions.





Once the initial trial or pilot project has been completed and sufficiently sustainable results have been achieved the PCO would look to raise additional funds or assist others with those funds to roll the model out and expand the project into other areas.