PCO has developed the content for a series of educational multimedia videos as part of its outreach, communication and education drive. These modules are mainly aimed at the youth (K12 / 6 – 18 demographic) but will be done in such a way as to be applicable to all. It is intended to develop these in such a way that they can be distributed online, embedded on school or other 3rd party websites or distributed on CD/DVD or other means, thus hopefully creating a viral learning and communications tool.

Topics include:

  • What is CO2 and how does CO2 impact the environment?
  • What is Carbon / CO2 Exchange and how does it work?
  • Why are the Polar Regions so important to the planet?
  • How the worlds oceans reply on the Polar Regions (the heat pump)?
  • The indigenous peoples and there traditions and habitats.
  • Animals of the Arctic (North)
  • Animals of the Antarctic (South)
  • Discovering Antarctica & reaching the South Pole
  • etc

Sponsorship Opportunity

Each sponsored module will have a “this module was made possible by…” type message at the end (a so called, “Outro”).  Hence there is space for companies and organisations to sponsor one or more modules and in return gain exposure not only on the PCO website, but also via the module on the many other sites that embed the module online and in classrooms when these modules are shown in class.


Viral Effect & Technology involved

The multimedia modules will be developed and made in Moovly and made available via the PCO YouTube channel and website directly.

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