PCO has focused on Education, Outreach and Communication since inception and this remains a core activity today. Key activities and projects include the Polar Library, which contains > 1000 pages of education information, Lecturing and presenting at schools and other organisations and most recently the development of a series of online, viral multimedia animated explanation videos.


Polar Library

One of the original activities of the PCO was to make educational information available via the internet. This resulted in the creation of The PolarLibrary, which today has >1000 pages of educational information on all aspects of the Polar Regions from Historic to current day scientific research programs, vessels and stations.

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Lectures & Presentations

Member of the PCO have nearly 20 years experience of speaking at schools, universities and other organisations about a wide variety of topics. For more information about the PCO potentially speaking at your organisation or an event contact us.

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Animated Explanations

The PCO has written a series of over 30 animated explanatory video modules on a variety of topics. It is currently seeking to raise the necessary funds to have these produced by a multimedia production company and then launched virally on the internet via the Explania and YouTube platforms.

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