PCO Projects

The PCO has a number of projects mainly related to providing educational information and raising awareness for the need to conserve and maintain a sustainable future for the Polar Regions.

Education, Outreach and Communication is one of the Polar Conservation Organisation’s (PCO) major focuses and activity areas.

The PolarLibrary:
The Polar Library is an online resources with an ever increasing number of pages of information related to both Polar Regions. Information includes history, the animals, islands research stations, scientific programs, ships that serve the continent and much, much more. The PolarLibrary is funded and maintained by the Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO).


Lectures and Presentations:
The PCO is also available to speak and give lectures on a variety of topics including life in the Polar Regions, The History and discovery of the Polar Regions, Scientific research and programs, the animals of the Polar Region, Island and stations on and around Antarctica. Besides the online resources in the Polar Library, the Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) also makes school lesson and information packs available to teachers and educators.



Multimedia E-Learning Modules:
The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) is currently working to release a series of multimedia video education modules. These multimedia modules will augment the traditional documents provided information and educational packs. In order to complete this series of multimedia modules,  SPONSORS  ARE NEEDED! Sponsors will receive exposure in each module via an “outro” in which the sponsor is thanked for “making the module possible” or “this module is sponsored by…”.

Environmental Events & Services:

The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) offers companies the ability to design events, incentives, off-site workshops etc that educate their staff, customers, partners and suppliers about environmental issues and give talks about the Polar Regions. Companies looking to increase the environmental awareness and consciousness of their stakeholders can contact the PCO for details.