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The Polar Library is a project of the Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) and contains thousands of pages of educational information covering an extremely wide range of topics related to both Polar Regions.

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The Fauna and Flora of the Polar Regions have fascinated mankind since their earliest discovery, with some of the most unique and often bizarre creatures being found there. This section contains a comprehensive collection of educational pages on the wide variety of Arctic and Antarctic animal species.

The story of Polar discovery and history is the stuff of legends, extreme sacrifice, challenge and triumph. To this day controversy and difference of opinion and national pride play a large part in how the history of the Polar Regions is told.

The Polar Regions, particularly Antarctica, are phenomenal locations for scientific discovery and research. Fields of study range from geology and glaciology to space physics, cosmic ray detection and neutrino experiments. Some of the equipment is as basic as an ice-axe, while others use the very latest in technological advances.