This section contains information about the Antarctic Explorers, their lives, achievements etc.


  • Fabian von Bellingshausen
    Fabian von Bellingshausen served his country for over 30 years and was promoted to Admiral.
  • Jean-Baptiste Bouvet Lozier
    Jean-Baptiste Bouvet Lozier (1705 - 1786)
  • Jean-Baptiste Charcot
    Jean-Baptiste Charcot was a French physician with a passion for sailing – he was also called "the gentleman of the Pole" by Sir Robert Scott.
  • Richard Byrd
    Richard Byrd (1888 - 1957)
  • Roald Amundsen
    Roald Amundsen (16 July 1892 - 18 June 1928) lead the first expedition to reach the South Pole, beating Sir Robert Scott by a month. Roald Amundsen was also on the crew of the Belgica, the first people to overwinter in Antarctica.
  • William Bruce
    William Bruce (1867 - 1921)