There are many differences between Antarctica and the Arctic, but one significant difference is that there are people living in the Arctic region. It is a misconception to think of the Arctic as a white wilderness where no life if possible. The Arctic regions of Alaska (USA), Canada, Greenland (Danish territory), Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Russia, have been the homes to the indigenous peoples for many centuries. These people have adapted, with great aptitude and skills, to the inhospitable and barren wilderness. They use what the land and sea provides them to survive and to build an existence. Early explorers to the area were amazed at the abilities of the indigenous peoples to adapt to the hostile conditions. And often, as you can find in our “Arctic Explorers” section, the skills of the Arctic peoples saved the lives of the inexperienced, and mostly, ill prepared explorers. There are many different Arctic peoples and you will be able to find information about them on our site. We strive to keep our website updated on a regular basis and welcome any contribution relevant to the site. We thank the various groups for information about the indigenous peoples that we then used on our website.