Latin name: Phoebetria palpebrata

Sooty Albatross - Photo: Australian Pelagic

Sooty Albatross – Photo: Australian Pelagic

The sooty albatross is a huge bird, with a wingspan of 70 cm. Just as their name states, they are sooty gray in color – unlike the black and white of the other albatross species. The sooty albatross eats crustaceans, fish, squid, and the remains of petrel and penguins. They nest on steep coastal cliffs, mainly on Marion Island. For the mating season, they arrive around mid-July – eggs arrive in late September. The eggs hatch mainly during December, and by the following June, the young start leaving. There is only one danger to the sooty albatross, and that is the skua – which tries to eat the eggs and the chicks of the sooty albatross.





Geographic Distribution

Sooty Albatross Habitat

Sooty Albatross Habitat