Arctocephalus Gazella

The Antarctic Fur Seal is an eared seal. Contrary to other seals they can move very quickly on the ice. They owe this to their strong developed hind limbs on which they lean to move forward. The male grows to about 2 metres in length and between 125 and 200 kg in weight. The females are smaller. Fur seals eat krill, fish and squid.
Fur seals occur mostly on the Subantarctic islands. They reproduce preferably on the sand beaches of South Georgia. In November the pups are born. Their mother stays 8 days with them and nurses them every six hours. After eight days she mates with the male and goes after this to the sea to eat and to produce milk. Then she nurses the pups for another three days and goes to the sea again. This pattern repeats during a period of 115 days. Meanwhile the males are occupied with protecting their territory. They threaten the other males with a loud whine. Sometimes there are wild goings-on. Fighting bulls hit each other with their sharp fangs. At the end of April the fur seals go back to sea until it’s time again to reproduce.

Fur Seal – Photo unknown

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