PCO Website cleanup

The PCO website has been given a full review and cleanup in anticipation of a more substantial upgrade. In the coming months a number of new features and content will be added, with particular attention on the adding of content to the Polar Library. If you would like to […]


PCO now accepts Bitcoin

The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO), now accepts Bitcoins for all transactions including Donations & Annual memberships. Bitcoin payments, like other payments, can be made via the website (by clicking the appropriate Bitcoin Button on the site).



Tree Planting Day in Brussels

The PCO took part in a tree planting event on Sunday at which over 1150 trees were planted. The event organised by Greenlight has planted over 7000 trees in the past few years and the event continues to grow each hear with this year about 70 odd people helping […]


Hello world!

Welcome to the all new PCO website.

Here you will find all sorts of information related to the Polar Regions, both Antarctic and Arctic.


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