SaveTheArctic at Belgian F1

The recent Formula1 race in Belgium was selected by Greenpeace to launch an ingenious means to get exposure to its fight to save the arctic. The campaign (under the name SaveTheArctic) against Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic have stepped up recently and further action is […]


Arctic Fibre submarine cable network heads eastward to Hudson’s Bay – FierceTelecom

Arctic Fibre will begin physical landing site surveys to bring its 40G broadband submarine cable into eight sites in northern Canada starting in mid-August. And the company is seeking help and guidance from parties as diverse as town elders and local hunters to determine the best places to bring […]


New Nature Study Calls Melting Underwater Arctic Permafrost An “Economic Time Bomb” | DeSmogBlog

We calculate that the costs of a melting Arctic will be huge, because the region is pivotal to the functioning of Earth systems such as oceans and the climate. The release of methane from thawing permafrost beneath the East Siberian Sea, off northern Russia, alone comes with an average […]


Ice melt accelerates new study shows

A new study by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) shows that ice in both Polar Regions is melting at an accelerating rate (up to 5 times the rate of a few years ago).

The study was produced by an international collaboration — the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise […]


Gas tanker Ob River attempts first winter Arctic crossing

For the first time a Gas tanker (Norwegian ship Ob River) will attempt to cross the Arctic during the winter season, a period when previously this was unthinkable in the past as the ocean was frozen over.

The trip via the Arctic will save 20 days travel time on the […]


Arctic Peoples Alert Newsletter (10 Nov 2012)

Inhoud Poolkoorts 9 november 2012

10/11 november 2012 – Eindhoven – Wild Life
26 november 2012 – Groningen – Imakalezing
Film: To the Arctic – Omniversum – Den Haag
Foto: Chasing Ice
Labyrint Publieksprijs voor Groningen
IJsvrije Noordpool heeft gevolgen voor weerspatronen
Groenlands ijs veroorzaakt recordaantal aardbevingen
Milieuregels voor NL-bedrijven ook in buitenland
Acties Greenpeace tegen Shell niet […]


Arctic Combat – online game simulates war over Arctic resources

Webizen’s new online FPS (First Person Shooter) game, called Arctic Combat, is based on war over Arctic resources. According to the game’s prospectus:

“The conflict between the US and Russia rises more and more as past disputes are once again reminded. Battles have started in the Arctic region and is […]


Tullow Oil Plans Arctic Exploration Drilling

Shares in Tullow Oil (LON:TLW) gained 14 percent and closed at £14.18 on Monday after the FTSE 100 group announced it is going to join the race for oil riches in the Arctic.

Maersk and Tullow Partnership

On 15 October The Telegraph reported that Tullow Oil has taken a 40 percent […]


Arctic probe into solar storm sat-nav disruption

Scientists in the Arctic have launched an urgent investigation into how solar storms can disrupt sat-nav.

Studies have revealed how space weather can cut the accuracy of GPS by tens of metres.
Flares from the Sun interact with the upper atmosphere and can distort the signals from global positioning satellites.
The research […]


Europe rejects ban on Arctic oil drilling

The European parliament’s industry committee has rejected attempts to introduce a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, overruling a contrary vote by its environment committee last month.

The key vote in the industry committee yesterday (9 October) instead proposed a new directive to ensure that companies […]


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