Akademik Shokalskiy rescue completed

The 52 passengers stranded on the ice-bound polar research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy have been successfully transferred by helicopter to the Aurora Australis. The Akademik Shokalskiy crew (22 people) will remain on board until the ship becomes free of the sea ice.

Passengers boarding transfer helicopter (BBC: Andrew Luck-Baker)

More information:

BBC News – Antarctic rescue of Akademik Shokalskiy […]


BBC News – Prince Harry to race to South Pole

The UK’s Prince Harry will join a group of injured UK soldiers in a “race” to the South Pole. Participating in the trip will be several teams amongst others from Australia and the US.
This all part of Prince Harry’s charity “Walking with the Wounded”.

More information: Walking with the Wounded
Source: BBC […]


BBC News – Melt may explain Antarctica’s sea ice expansion

Antarctica’s expanding sea ice may paradoxically be explained by the phenomenon of melted ice forming plumes of cold water meeting the surface and thus causing an increased sea ice coverage.

Source: BBC News – Melt may explain Antarctica’s sea ice expansion.


BBC News – Antarctic Lake Vostok yields ‘new bacterial life’

Russian scientists have announced that they have found a new type of bacteria living in a subglacial lake in Antarctica. This finding is significant as it was previously thought that life in those conditions was not possible, or improbable. This finding also helps support theories that life may exist […]


Shackleton Epic enters final preparation phase

Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition is one of the greatest survival stories in history and has inspired adventurers across every continent over three generations.
Now, in honour of Shackleton’s remarkable 800 nautical mile voyage across the Southern Ocean, from Elephant Island to South Georgia, and his crossing of its mountainous interior, the Shackleton […]


Ice melt accelerates new study shows

A new study by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) shows that ice in both Polar Regions is melting at an accelerating rate (up to 5 times the rate of a few years ago).

The study was produced by an international collaboration — the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise […]


Antarctic marine wildlife (pteropods) is under threat

Acidification of the Antarctic Ocean is corroding the shells of some marine snails (pteropods) around Antarctica according to a study by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

“They are a major grazer of phytoplankton and… a key prey item of a number of higher predators – larger plankton, fish, seabirds, whales,” […]


Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years

NOAA, NASA: Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years
October 24, 2012

Staff at the South Pole get ready to release a balloon that will carry an ozone instrument up to 20 miles in the atmosphere, measuring ozone levels all along the way. NOAA image from 2011.
Download here. (Credit: NOAA.)

Warmer […]


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