About PCO

The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) is a Belgian registered non-profit foundation / charity.

Official Non-Profit Registration: # 809 260 693

Contact Info:

  • EU: +32 (2) 772 1579 [T & F]
  • US: +1 (877) ICE-EURO / +1 (877) 423-3876 [T & F, Toll Free in the US and Canada]
  • Email: info@ [General Email Address]
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About the Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO)?

PCO's Mission Statement
The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) is committed to a sustainable future for the Polar Regions.
PCO's Open Philosophy
PCO is open to working with all aspects of society be it business, government, educational, welfare and environmental groups in its effort to raise awareness through education, outreach and communication.
Why Education
Education, outreach and communication on and about the Polar Regions, raises awareness of the importance of the Polar Regions and in doing so prompts people to change their lifestyles.
Can I get Involved?
Creating a sustainable future for the Polar Regions is a massive task, the PCO is grateful for all the assistance it can get in achieving its goals. Assist us via volunteer work, promoting the PCO to others, selecting the PCO as your company’s social responsibility partner and sponsor the organisation costs, or alternatively, sponsor one of our specific activities or events.

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Meet Our Team

Brendon Grunewald


Brendon is founder and chairperson of the PCO. Brendon overwintered in Antarctica between 1992 & 1994, and has travelled to both Polar Regions several times.

Kris Molle


 Kris is responsible for the PolarLibrary, an online collection of information on and related to the Polar Regions. Kris is helps arrange and manage events, and adds news items on a regular basis.

Jeroen Francois


 Jeroen is a well read, long time Polar enthusiast, and regular contributor to the educational information in the PolarLibrary. Jeroen has contributed content to the PolarLibrary.