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Tree Planting Day in Brussels

The PCO took part in a tree planting event on Sunday at which over 1150 trees were planted. The event organised by Greenlight has planted over 7000 trees in the past few years and the event continues to grow each hear with this year about 70 odd people helping […]


Gas tanker Ob River attempts first winter Arctic crossing

For the first time a Gas tanker (Norwegian ship Ob River) will attempt to cross the Arctic during the winter season, a period when previously this was unthinkable in the past as the ocean was frozen over.

The trip via the Arctic will save 20 days travel time on the […]


Antarctic marine wildlife (pteropods) is under threat

Acidification of the Antarctic Ocean is corroding the shells of some marine snails (pteropods) around Antarctica according to a study by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

“They are a major grazer of phytoplankton and… a key prey item of a number of higher predators – larger plankton, fish, seabirds, whales,” […]


Arctic Peoples Alert Newsletter (10 Nov 2012)

Inhoud Poolkoorts 9 november 2012

10/11 november 2012 – Eindhoven – Wild Life
26 november 2012 – Groningen – Imakalezing
Film: To the Arctic – Omniversum – Den Haag
Foto: Chasing Ice
Labyrint Publieksprijs voor Groningen
IJsvrije Noordpool heeft gevolgen voor weerspatronen
Groenlands ijs veroorzaakt recordaantal aardbevingen
Milieuregels voor NL-bedrijven ook in buitenland
Acties Greenpeace tegen Shell niet […]


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