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Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years

NOAA, NASA: Antarctic ozone hole second smallest in 20 years
October 24, 2012

Staff at the South Pole get ready to release a balloon that will carry an ozone instrument up to 20 miles in the atmosphere, measuring ozone levels all along the way. NOAA image from 2011.
Download here. (Credit: NOAA.)

Warmer […]


Arctic Combat – online game simulates war over Arctic resources

Webizen’s new online FPS (First Person Shooter) game, called Arctic Combat, is based on war over Arctic resources. According to the game’s prospectus:

“The conflict between the US and Russia rises more and more as past disputes are once again reminded. Battles have started in the Arctic region and is […]


Polo and Social27 Look to Promote Environmental Initiatives

Redmond, WA, October 24, 2012 –(– Social27 announced today its ongoing dialogue with several environmental initiatives regarding the development of possible partnerships. One of Social27’s top priorities is sustainability so it is their pleasure to officially introduce to the world their mascot Polo the Polar Bear. Polo is a […]


Tullow Oil Plans Arctic Exploration Drilling

Shares in Tullow Oil (LON:TLW) gained 14 percent and closed at £14.18 on Monday after the FTSE 100 group announced it is going to join the race for oil riches in the Arctic.

Maersk and Tullow Partnership

On 15 October The Telegraph reported that Tullow Oil has taken a 40 percent […]


Arctic probe into solar storm sat-nav disruption

Scientists in the Arctic have launched an urgent investigation into how solar storms can disrupt sat-nav.

Studies have revealed how space weather can cut the accuracy of GPS by tens of metres.
Flares from the Sun interact with the upper atmosphere and can distort the signals from global positioning satellites.
The research […]


Europe rejects ban on Arctic oil drilling

The European parliament’s industry committee has rejected attempts to introduce a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, overruling a contrary vote by its environment committee last month.

The key vote in the industry committee yesterday (9 October) instead proposed a new directive to ensure that companies […]


Russian scientist predicts riches for Canada & Russia once a deal is agreed

ST. PETERSBURG – The scientist responsible for preparing Russia’s claim to seabed rights at the top of the world says Canada and his country are both poised to reap staggering economic benefits when a deal on who owns title to what in the northern ocean is finally struck.

“Canada has […]


Canadian company pitches $600M fibre optic cable project in Arctic – Business – CBC News


An Ontario company, called Arctic Fibre, has applied for Canadian government permits to land a fibre optic cable via the Northwest Passage connecting some but not all of the Canadian Arctic communities. The Cable would stretch from Japan to Newfoundland and then down to the US.


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